Get Your Dream Interpreted by Artificial Intelligence for Free

Describe your dream – and let artificial intelligence provide an interpretation

As a new – and entertaining – initiative, I have partnered with OpenAI’s artificial intelligence named ChatGPT to offer dream interpretations on this site.

This is done by writing your dream in the text field below, after which an interpretation will be provided.

The technology is still far from optimal, and interpretations should of course be taken with a grain of salt. I would always recommend discussing dreams with a therapist rather than a machine, but in a busy everyday life, this artificial intelligence may still be helpful to some extent.

And if not, it may contribute to a cheap laugh.

By using the technology, you also accept that your information will be used by ChatGPT for future product improvement.

You can write your dream in any language you want and the AI will respond accordingly.



Drømmetydning med kunstig intelligens