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Are you an expat in Copenhagen who wants to let go of your anxiety – once and for all?

Many of my clients are expats who have settled in Copenhagen – either permanently or temporarily. They come to me with anxiety. Oftentimes they have carried it for a long time, but it has now reached a crucial point. The anxiety might be more intense or a sense of enough is enough has emerged.
Sometimes their anxiety is increased by the stress of moving to a completely new country with different values and ways of doing things. Being far away from home – from family and friends – is not helping either. It can lead to a sense of loneliness that triggers the anxiety even more.
Some of my clients feel the anxiety without knowing where it comes from. It may suddenly appear seemingly without a cause.
Others know exactly what triggers it. It may be a phobia or a specific person or situation that ignites the anxiety. Some people may suffer from illness anxiety, characterized by a constant fear of their own health, which controls most of their life.
Some experience anxiety as a constant, unshakable burden, while others get intense anxiety attacks that are so uncomfortable that they believe they are going crazy or dying.
Fortunately, you cannot go crazy from anxiety. And you cannot die from anxiety either. But it can feel that way.
Most people have found ways to keep the anxiety at bay or dampen it temporarily.
Maybe, they avoid certain people or situations, feel a need for control or compulsiveness or they may develop an addiction.
Such strategies have a soothing short-term effect. But they are also deeply limiting. Because the anxiety is always there, looming in the background.
For most people, the anxiety has been so uncomfortable, that it has lead to a fear of the anxiety itself. Many walk around in constant alertness, terrified of when the anxiety will show up next.
The good news is that anxiety can be treated. And I don’t just mean a relief of symptoms. It’s possible to be completely free of anxiety in every-day life and thereby:
– Get the body to relax again
– Lead a life without the limitations that anxiety brings
– Let go of excessive worrying
– Get more energy in your every-day life.
– Experience a closer contact to your emotions and needs
– Experience a closer relationship to the people you love
This is a life where anxiety does not rule. It is a life in freedom and in peace.
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My practice is located on Roskildevej 46, 2000 Frederiksberg.
Psykoterapeut Lasse Pallesen - Speciale i angst

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About Lasse Pallesen – Psychoterapist Specializing in Anxiety

My greatest passion is to help people free of anxiety.

As a certified psychodynamic psychotherapist, I was trained at Psykoterapeutuddannelsen’s 4,5-year programme and later took the Psychotherapist Masterclass of Gabor Mate. Both are particularly focused on the treatment of anxiety through an investigation of the unconscious and surpressed emotions that lie beneath the anxiety.

As a result of my education and personal experiences with psychotherapy – both as client and therapist – I am confident that anxiety can be let go of – permanently. It does not have to hijack your body or control your life in any way. The freedom and peace in a life without anxiety is something I deeply wish more people would experience. 

Many people are kept in anxiety treatments that only treat symptoms temporarily. They don’t reach the core issue. It is deeply unsatisfying, and something I will do everything in my power to change. 

First and foremost anxiety treatment requires a space of trust, openness, recognition, and safety. As a psychoterapist, it is my most important job to create such a space.

(I apologise that the booking system is only in Danish)

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