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Are you curious about psychedelic therapy?

More and more people are realising the huge therapeutic potential of psychedelics. Are you considering how and to what extent psychedelic therapy might help you, then feel free to book a conversation about that. I can help you clarify how psychedelic therapy can help, as well as give you practical advice and support you in preparing for a psychedelic experience. 

Oftentimes there is much to be gained from clarifying exactly what you need to focus on, what your intentions are, and what parts from your past might surface during a psychedelic experience. 

Due to the current legal status of psychedelic therapy, I am unfortunately unable to offer therapy under the influence of psychedelics. Most of my clients come to me to prepare for a psychedelic session. Then they find a suitable place to carry it out. I know quite a few trustworthy places myself. And then they come back to integrate and process the experience.

How can psychedelic therapy heal psychological wounds?

When using psychedelics – be they mdma, lsd, psilocybin or dmt as in ayahuasca – for therapy, many experience that important memories, feelings and moods surface from the unconscius. A clear and unhindered access to this material is gained. This can give both emotional, cognitive and spiritual insights and revelations.

Emotionally, many experience heavy body sensations in the shape of sorrow, anger, disgust, happiness and gratitude. This is caused by the fact that the blocks and defences that used to keep these emotions at bay lose their grip. 

Feeling these emotions so powerfully can be a scary process, which is why being in a safe environment with someone you trust is very important. Then the result can be a huge redemption. when we allow ourselves to express what we have kept locked up inside for so long. The emotions will usually be tied to experiences early in life.

Many feel more confident with their emotions afterwards. As a result, the anxiety for these emotions fade. And all the unwanted actions that previously were there to dampen or divert our feelings no longer become necessary. These actions could be of dependence, isolation, control, depression etc. 

The result is often a greater sense of being in the now and a strengthened sense of letting our emotions surface and give direction to crucial life decisions. 

Cognitively, many experience a deep understanding that all those convictions and beliefs, we have gained about ourselves and the world during childhood, not necessarily are true or helpful to us. As a child we see our parents’ way of life as “right” or “true”, and we adapt to their world view and what is expected of us. However, in the psychedelic state we often get a clearer and less entangled perspective that makes us question what we have been encoded with – what we believed were true about ourselves and the world.

Such a revelation can be an extremely valuable step in leading a life that is in accordance with our innermost values and passions – a life independent from what others expect of us.  

Spiritually, many experience a greater connectedness to nature and/or to something divine that we are all part of. This leads to a more spiritual life – with a weakened death anxiety and a strengthened belief in love and confidence that the universe supports us in a fundamental way.

It is, however, important to stress that these results are not a given. Psychedelic therapy is not for everyone. Some experience an overwhelming anxiety that is hard to let go of without deep integration work afterwards. Others can be retraumatized, especially if they don’t experience the necessary support during the trip. And if you have underlying scizophrenic tendencies, then a psychedelic experience can awaken them.

The Importance of Integration of the Psychedelic Experience

The psychedelic exxperience can be therapeutic in itself, but often it will be necessary to integrate it afterwards. In that case, a therapist with integration experience can be of great assistance. 

Integration is not only about understanding your psychedelic experience but also about how the new revelations about yourself and the world can be expressed in everyday life. 

It is all about how you apply your newly discovered revelations to everyday life. How do you return to normal life after the deep emotional, mental, spiritual and physical impacts of the altered state of consciousness.  It is sometimes a very challenging and confusing process, because a lot acknowledgements and adjustments need to be made in order to follow your true path and gain inner balance and harmony. 

What is psychedelic integration therapy like?

Psychedelic integration therapy is a non-judgmental, curious, and emotionally supportive process, where we investigate your previous experiences in an altered state.

What exactly happened? What did you see? What did you feel? What did you think? By dwelling on the experience, a deeper sense of its meaning arises. It is a space to process the experience, atttain new information, explore your options, learn new insights, find meaning and words for inexplicable visions, understand your anxiety, and transfer the insights into concrete steps in everyday life. The integration process help you heal, grow, and find your purpose.

My role as therapist is to witness and affirm your experience as well as fascilitate a healing process where you yourself find the answers. 

What are bad trips? And what can bad trips teach you?

A bad trip is a particularly chaotic or emotionally unpleasant psychedelic experience.

Some experience bad trips as one big anxiety attack, while others feel trapped in a seemingly endless mind loop. Others feel trapped in a sort of hell filled with evil demons and vile creatures. And some feel they lose contact to themselves and believe that this contact will never return. 

Often the sense of time is distorted or maybe even destroyed, so it can be difficult to convince oneself that the unpleasant state of mind will end at some point. This of course feeds the anxiety even more. 

Even after the trip, the anxiety – or the senation that something is unfulfilled or stuck – can be present. Sometimes this state passes with time. Other times it requires that you deal with what the experience actually tried to teach you. 

Just like nightmares, bad trips always have a valuable message. They try to wake you up – in dramatic fashion. And as long as the message remains unconscious, the experience of being stuck continues.

Here, integration therapy is a useful tool to curiously investigate the deeper meaning of the bad trip, and where you struggle really lies. If a bad trip eventually gives you this revelation, it is arguable whether the bad trip indeed was so bad afterall.  

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As one of the first psychotherapists in Denmark to offer psychedelic integration, I have extensive experience in witnessing and supporting people in this healing process.

As a certified psychodynamic therapist, I will help you as best I can through both the preparation and integration of a psychedelic session. I will do whatever I can to fascilitate the process in a tempo that is suitable to where you are on your path. 

Are you still curious, then you can book you first consultation for just 350 kr. Normal price is 750 kr. Then you can get a feel for what therapy with me is like. 

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About Lasse Pallesen – Psychotherapist Specializing in Anxiety and Psychedelic Integration in Copenhagen

My greatest passion is to help people free of anxiety and help people integrate psychedelic experiences.

As a certified psychodynamic psychotherapist, I was trained at Psykoterapeutuddannelsen’s 4,5-year programme and later took the Psychotherapist Masterclass of Gabor Mate. Both are particularly focused on the treatment of anxiety through an investigation of the unconscious and surpressed emotions that lie beneath the anxiety.

As a result of my education and personal experiences with psychotherapy – both as client and therapist – I am confident that anxiety can be let go of – permanently. It does not have to hijack your body or control your life in any way. The freedom and peace in a life without anxiety is something I deeply wish more people would experience. 

Many people are kept in anxiety treatments that only alleviate symptoms temporarily. They don’t reach the core issue. It is deeply unsatisfying, and something I will do everything in my power to change. 

First and foremost anxiety treatment requires a space of trust, openness, recognition, and safety. As a psychoterapist, it is my most important job to create such a space.

Psychedelics have been a extremely important part of my personal journey. I am convinced that psychedelic experiences – like dream work – has a huge potential to let us unload our unwanted unconsciuos baggage and redeem inner conflicts.  This conviction has been validated again and again as a therapist for many psychedelic-using clients, as well as from the growing amount of empirical studies being conducted. 

That is why, I am particularly interested in helping people integrate psychedelic experiences, so they make sense and lead to positive life change.

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